About Us

Welcome to Cee Bee Cee Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd

In India we have a saying in Sanskrit Athithi Devo Bhava . It means “The Guest is Like a GOD” or “Be One for Whom the Guest is GOD”. We take our cultural heritage to our heart. This is the respect, honour, integrity and sincerity you can feel in every aspect of our care towards you.

The journey of Cee Bee Cee Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd. spans two generations. It was commenced in 1992 by Mr. Chatur Bhuj Chetwani who has an experience of more than 4 decades. We are member of IATO and IATA. Also approved by the Department of Tourist, Government of India. It is a matter of pride for us that some top and well known organizations in the world are our long-established and steadfast clients.

Connect with our Good Karma and let us set your wheels in motion. We look forward to share with you the richness of our many cultures. So you can journey to the Heart and Soul of India and experience several thousand years of culture in just a few days of your life.